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Blackstarman waiting underneath the sky





“Blackstar”. New David Bowie album on his 69th birthday. Produced with Tony Visconti. I’ve written a lot about it elsewhere. Don’t feel like talking another lot about it though. Not today. Everybody will. It’s OK. It’s alright. I’d rather listen to it. Time and again.

Here’s a track by track but certainly not a proper review. Been there. Done that. Elsewhere. Yeah, Rock&Folk. Five black stars.

Seven songs ? Ok Then, so I just used seven words as a quite vain attempt to define them : names, adjectives, (film, song, play) titles, invented words, artists’ names, repeated words and even a phrase. Or two.

What’s the point ? What does it really mean ? Dunno.

One thing I’m sure of : it’s David Bowie’s birthday today. We’re allowed to get crazy, nuts and wordy.


In English of course.









1)    Drums

2)    Saxophone

3)    Melodyne

4)    “What A Wonderful Life”

5)    Tempest

6)    Magnetic god

7)    Al Green



“’Tis A Pity She Was A Wore”


1)    Breath-in, breath-out

2)    Drums

3)    Torturous and voluptuous

4)    Manish boy

5)    Saxofun

6)    War

7)    Iggy Pop





1)    Nicolas Godin

2)    Drums

3)    “Words On A Wing”

4)    Fender

5)    Thomas Jerome Newton

6)    “The Bethrotal”

7)    English grass



“Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)”


1)    Guitar

2)    Drums

3)    Thrash metal

4)    Baal

5)    Tempest

6)    Torture

7)    English pain




“Girl Loves Me”


1)    Tear-off

2)    Calendar

3)    Autosuggestion

4)    “She’s Got Medals”

5)    Geeling Ng

6)    Bleeps

7)    Hints




“Dollar Days”


1)    Paper work

2)    English rain

3)    Defying chords

4)    Melody

5)    Saxophone

6)    “Music Is Lethal”

7)    Reverb




“I Can’t Give Everything Away”


1)    “Strangers When We Meet”

2)    “A New Career In A New Town”

3)    “Soul Love”

4)    Autosuggestion

5)    Classix Nouveaux

6)    Reeves Gabrels

7)   “He gave you already so much…”


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